Use This Writing Strategy to Get Attention from Influencers

Kelly McCausey Interview

Here at Elite Writer’s Lab, we often stress just how important building relationships and networking is to make it as a writer and online business owner. We recently interviewed Kelly McCausey of Love People, Make Money as she is an amazing example of how focusing on creating partnerships, connecting others and building a community comes back to you tenfold.

In this interview excerpt, Kelly shares using strategy of Content Curation to get the attention of people in authority that she can develop relationships with. It’s a perfect strategy for writers!

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From Kelly…

“My favorite way to get started is to curate them. We admire them because they are creating great content, at least that’s why I usually admire someone, and they are a great blogger, great podcaster.

They’re creating great stuff on social media. I’ll curate them, so I will write a little post on my blog quoting them and linking to the rest of the content on their site and tell my audience why I think they are going to be interested in reading that. In linking to them, I’m showing them some support. I also of course comment on their content and let them know that I liked it so much that I shared it with my audience and then share it all over on social media and I loaded it up on

I’m using MeetEdgar as a way of continuing to give attention to things on social media so that it repeats every month. On you can create a library of social posts, and then Edgar will cycle through and continue to post it according to your preferred schedule. If there is someone that I have curated a couple of times, every month or so that re-posts somewhere, whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. I continue to give it social love.

That’s my favorite first step because it’s one thing to see something on Facebook and click like or even to share it on Facebook. They may or may not ever notice that, but when you link to them from your site, some of them will get it if they have pingbacks turned on or trackbacks turned on, they will know you did it, but it depends on how busy their blogs is, but if you actually send them traffic, and promote it will and send some people over, they are way more likely to notice it.

This is what I’ve experienced a few times now, I’ve curated somebody once or twice and have given it good promotion and commented that I liked what you had to say so much that I shared this point with my audience and sent them over to read it.

Those people come back and comment on my curation and say hey thanks for sharing, when I see them do that then, boom, okay they’ve seen my face, and they’ve seen my brand. Boom, I’m back. Hopefully, I’ve friended them on Facebook and I will send them some type of message, hey thanks for the comment, I love everything you do, I hope we find some way to work together sometime.

It has totally worked to start relationships, I’ll take it even further and submit their content to BizSugar, which is a social bookmarking site specifically focused on business.”

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