9 Ways to Monetize Your Content Creation Skills

You work hard create content for your readers, but if you want to grow your business, it needs to serve a purpose for you. With that in mind, we’ve got 12 easy ways to monetize your content.

1. Building Your List: Don’t do anything else until your content is feeding people into your mailing list. Your mailing is still your number 1 marketing asset, so have that in place first. Include an invitation for a free gift in your blog posts and everywhere else you publish content.

2. Sell Your Content as Kindle Books: Instead of just giving away all your content for free, turn some of it into Kindle Book. Kindle offers you so many opportunities to reach customers you probably never would have reached otherwise.

3. Self-Published Info Products: Similar to selling your content on Kindle, you can sell it yourself and command a higher price per sale. You can also publish content in a variety of formats, create interactive courses and more. We have a comprehensive info product training program here.

4. Membership Sites and Subscriptions: The recurring revenue model never gets old and having someone pay your for your content month after month is a great monetization approach. But it’s not enough to slap up some articles and think you’ll have a rush of members. Constantly think of ways your content can be more useful to your members and make it so valuable, they never want to leave. You can learn more about creating a membership site here.

5. Product Links and Recommendations: Adding recommended products and creating product reviews with affiliate links (or links to your own products) have always been a great monetization model and continues to be so. Make sure your links are highly and targeted for best results.

6. Selling Advertising: While it can be time consuming dealing with advertisers, there plenty lot of scripts and programs that can automate the advertising process. Keep in mind, today’s advertiser is pretty savvy and anything you can do to provide a better client experience (stats, split testing, conversion data), the better your advertising opportunity will be.

7. Selling Rights to Publish Content: Selling your content, so other business owners can publish it is a lucrative model. Whether it’s private label rights (PLR) or resell rights, online publishers are always on the lookout for ready-made content. If you’re interested in learning more about selling content as PLR, click here.

8. Writing for Pay: Ghostwriting and guest writing opportunities are all around you. With ghostwriting, you write and let someone else take the credit. With guest writing, you get the credit, extra exposure and you get paid. It’s one of the most direct ways to make money from writing content. We take you through all your options here.

9. Contextual Advertising: We’re talking Adwords, Chitika and others like it. These advertising networks display ads relevant to your content and you get a percentage of the advertising profits. While many publishers have indicated that their contextual advertising revenues have gone down over the years, it still remains a viable and very easy way to monetize content.

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