How to Manage Prolific Content Creation without Working Yourself To Death

Prolific Content Publishing

One of the secrets to successful content marketing is not only being seen by a lot of people, but also turning those views into prospects and customers for your business.

Alice was recently interviewed about being a prolific, results-oriented content publisher WITHOUT working yourself to death and we have a handy summary of that interview for you.

Always remember, that’s the key, ensuring that your content works for YOU and your business and that you don’t spend your entire day tap tapping at the keyboard while creating content.

Here’s a summary from that interview…

Q: How can someone be a prolific content publisher without working themselves to death?

First, ask yourself how prolific you really want to be and for what reason? People always make the mistake of thinking they have to be everywhere…on every social media platform, on blogs, every video site, etc.

Instead, make some choices on where you want to focus or if you still insist on being everywhere, make sure you have team to back you up.

Also, remember just because it’s a new day, doesn’t mean you have tweet 5 times, post to Facebook 3 times and make a blog post or the world will come to an end. Give yourself a break.

Focus on meaningful content instead of VOLUME. Add to that, make sure most of your content is evergreen. Sure, you might do content on hot topics and the latest news…you should do that. But keep the focus on content that lasts.

If you do that, over time, you’ll have a huge library of content to draw your audience in and it will continue to work for you years from now. And when you also work to get your audience to SHARE the content, a lot of your work is done for you.

One of the keys to being a prolific writer is having a plan and we’ll talk about that in a bit, but it’s also about getting help. YOU do not have to create all your own content and you shouldn’t.

When you make your business all about you, you put yourself into a corner…where you’re overworked and left with nowhere to go.

When your content and brand is all about you:

  • You have to work too hard, creating content and having your audience relying on you for all the answers.
  • Working too hard means you don’t have time to plan and strategize the growth of your business.
  • You also have no exit strategy. If you’re doing all the work and the brand is all about you, it will be difficult to sell your business later on when you retire, when you want to move onto something else (and you will)…that’s a valuable asset, completely wasted.

A few ways to put content together, without doing all the hard work yourself:

  • PLR (Private Label Rights Content)
  • Hire a ghostwriter
  • Hire or have guest writers write for free
  • Accept submissions from your audience
  • Answer questions from your audience
  • Record everything you do and turn it into content
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant to go through your older content and reuse and repurpose it for you
  • Snippets of your books or products
  • Repurpose your social media posts…we often post a lot of gold to our personal profiles
  • Encourage your audience to share

Q: What do you mean by results oriented content?

I mentioned content should be meaningful. It should be meaningful to your audience, but also to your business.

I always say each piece of content should have a purpose and be related to the leaders you’re trying to create or the products or services you’re trying to sell.

Now that doesn’t mean all your content should turn into a sales pitch, but you definitely need a plan.

If you’re launching a product on meditation, it’s natural that you’d talk about meditation with your audience. If you’re promoting a membership on Kindle publishing as an affiliate, you’ll be talking about Kindle publishing.

You’ll also imagine yourself talking to your friends. If you were helping a friend with a problem and you knew of a product or service that would help them, you’d tell them…right? Of course you would! Do the same with your content.

Your want to educate your readers on the topic and eliminate their objections through content content, so you can sell them the RIGHT products.

For example, you can create:

  • Informative articles, videos, etc.
  • Q&As related to the product or topic
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Comparisons
  • Interviews with the product seller

If you educate while you sell, your audience will come to see you as someone they can trust to make smart buying decisions. Some people will buy this time, but others won’t because you educated them. But those people are more likely to take your recommendation at a later date.

Not every piece of content has to be product focused, but do have a purpose.

For example:

  • Get an opt-in
  • Get a phone call
  • Click a link for more information
  • Leave a comment

…and sometimes content will be just for fun or to build your community. But be wise with your overall content strategy. When you think about content in the context of what you’re trying to achieve in your business, it will be much more effective.

Q: How do you develop a system to publish content consistently?

Sit down once a month and for the following month, think about:

  • The products and services you’ll be launching
  • The products you want to promote as an affiliate
  • Your existing products that have been forgotten, but you want to make a special offer for

Shape your content ideas around that.

  • Think about the topics you’ll cover and what format they’ll be in (articles, videos, Q&As, interviews, reviews, etc.).
  • How will you get this content created? (ghostwriter, PLR, submissions, etc.)
  • What platforms will you publish on and when?

People often think planning ahead takes a lot of time and would rather just publish as they go, but if you’ve ever logged into your WordPress dashboard and just stared at the “New Post” screen and then went off to Facebook…you’re WASTING a ton of time each month. If you plan ahead, you know exactly what you’re going to do and you’ll get much better results.

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