How to Get More Out of Your Time without Working Harder

Nicole Dean is dubbed as a “Passive Income Machine”. It’s what she loves (almost as much as she loves her family, traveling around the world, and Dr. Who). Since 2004, she’s been building her business online and creating and growing income streams, training and inspiring her readers, her customers, and her affiliates to make money.

Recently, Alice and Nicole got together for a chat about creating more massive income and this is what she has to say about multiplying your time. In other words, how to get more out of your time WITHOUT working harder.

From Nicole:

When asked how she gets the time to get everything done, she says “I find the time by multiplying the time.”

You can multiply your time and have people that are out there working for you. These can be people who you hire and need the extra income and are faster and better at the tasks you don’t want to do yourself.

It can also be affiliates who work for you that don’t actually get paid unless they make a sale. Nicole spends time motivating them because it’s an easy way to multiply her efforts. That way they’re out their creating videos, buying Facebook ads, conducting podcasts and promoting her product for her.

In short, leverage the time of others, so that you can have a bigger impact on your business.

Thoughts from Alice and Ron:

We completely agree with Nicole’s focus on outsourcing and the use of an affiliate team.

About Outsourcing: You only have so many hours in a day and if you’re focused on all the little tasks that need to get done, it’s hard to do the strategizing and planning your business needs to really grow. The more you can take off your plate (start small, so you get the hang of outsourcing effectively), the more you can focus on business growth. Other benefits include less stress and more time to do things you love….that’s a win for sure.

About Affiliates: Affiliates are very important to our businesses as well. It’s an easy way to leverage the content and promotions we’re ALREADY creating. All we do is allow our affiliates to share our awesome content we’ve made and they earn a commission when they make a sale.

Of course, developing a loyal affiliate force does take effort, time and you need to be creating content and offers that turn into revenue for them. But it’s all definitely worth it because it makes it so you can multiply the time you spend…because you’ve got multiple people promoting you.

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