Do You Have to Make Upsell Offers When You Sell Private Label Rights Content?

Here’s another great perspective from a private label rights content provider. After spending almost 20 years as an instructional design consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Sharyn Sheldon now uses her business and training experience to create the high-value, premium content that her customers need to shine a spotlight on their expertise and fire up their business growth.

And one of the things she focuses on is selling her content at a higher price point, which meant she ditched the low cost front end products and upsell cycle. It’s just another way of approaching selling private label content and shows there are many ways to position your business.

Here are Sharyn’s thoughts on the subject…

Sharyn says about high vs. low price points…

I started testing the waters with smaller packages and lower prices. I had upsells and people always bought the upsell offers so I knew people wanted it. That got people in and I just gradually raised my prices and tested the market to see at what price point they would be willing to pay. There are a few other people, but not many, who are charging similar rates for their content.

Sometimes buyers go to sites that sell products for say, $7. They see a bunch of information on the sales page, they get upsell after upsell and before long they get overwhelmed. They go ahead and buy but they may not use it because at that point, they’re overwhelmed. They look at it as, well, it was only $7 so I’ll get to it when I get to it.

These same people may come to my site, and occasionally they get overwhelmed there too but the difference is, if they buy it for $97 or $197 they are more likely to use it. When they use it, they see results and they’ll buy from me again.

When I get feedback that there is so much in my offer that it’s overwhelming, that means I need to make more training material and make it easier for them to use it.

I do have smaller packages that cater to a variety of groups but what I see is that the bigger packages still generally sell better. But there are the smaller ones available if that’s all someone wants.

Sharyn says about upsells…

I stopped doing upsells where you had to buy more at a higher price to make it complete because the feedback I got from my people was that they didn’t appreciate that. Instead, I use exit redirects which are sort of like downsells and I have custom thank you pages that have related recommendations and a coupon. But once they buy something at $97 or more, they’re not really ready to go spend more this early. So, I give recommendations and give them a coupon and I keep reminding them that the coupon is there when they are ready to expand on what they just purchased.

Big Picture Thoughts from Alice:

This is what worked for Sharyn and it shows there is room for all types of PLR products, catering to a wide variety of customers.

One advantage of Sharyn’s approach is that she targets a customer who is very willing to pay well for good quality content and isn’t simply hunting for a bargain. And to be honest, bargain hunting customers are the most demanding and hardest to please. Plus, when you focus on higher priced items, you need fewer customers to make as much or more profit. That has the added benefit of having a lower maintenance customer base.

However, it does go against the grain of what is typical in the market. When you charge more on the front end, it makes it difficult to get some high powered affiliates on board to promote you. Their customers are used to the bargain offers and they won’t be able to sell a higher priced offer easily, so most won’t. BUT looking back at the advantage I just stated of Sharyn’s approach, it may not matter in the long run. As more private label rights content sellers are going to a premium model, there are more eligible affiliates you can partner with.

Moral of the Story: There is space for low cost and premium priced products in the PLR market. What you choose will dictate who you market to, who will market for you and how you will market.

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