7 Ways to Boost Your Profits as a Private Label Rights Content Seller

Selling private label rights to customers can be a lucrative online business. But even the smartest content creator can still be leaving money on the table without realizing it. If you want to boost your earnings, make sure you’re doing these seven smart things:

#1: Use a sales funnel

Don’t just sell one product when you could sell several. Make sure you have a complete sales funnel for each project you launch. Additional products can be add-ons that don’t take long to create like worksheets, checklists, slideshows, or audio/video files.

If you want a funnel without creating too much additional work, then try offering different licenses to customers. For example, you could have a “reseller’s license” that gives your customer the right to resell your products. Another option might be a “developer’s license” so customers can use your content on their clients’ websites.

#2: Create a mailing list of affiliates.

With a mailing list, you can email your affiliates about your next big launch. This gives affiliates advance notice so they can promote your latest offering to their audience. When affiliates have more time to prepare, they can offer better bonuses and write better sales copy.

#3: Make special bonuses for affiliates.

If you really want to go the extra mile for your affiliates, then create special bonuses. Affiliates love these type of bonuses because they don’t have to do the work of creating it themselves.

Try this: make several bonus items. Then let your affiliates pick and choose which bonuses they will offer to their buyers. Even better, give them permission to customize the bonus. You’ll have a lot of happy affiliates if you do this!

#4: Host an affiliate contest.

Get more affiliates to promote you by offering a contest with your next launch. You can give away a big cash price or offer a popular item like an iPad to the winner. Be sure to use a leaderboard so affiliates can check their standing regularly.

#5: Add downsells to your funnel.

A simple way to boost your profits from your PLR launch is to offer a downsell or even several downsells. Downsells are the pages that customers see when they reject your upsells. You can make downsells easily by offering older content. For example, bundle one of your previous products and offer it for a big discount.

#6: Regularly split test your headlines.

Don’t just assume that you have the best headlines. Instead, split test your headlines to make sure they’re converting well. You might find that tweaking a headline, even subtlety can make a big difference when it comes to sales numbers.

#7: Ask for feedback.

Once you have a sales page up, ask for feedback from more experienced PLR sellers. They can offer tips on how to improve your page as well as copy suggestions. Be willing to listen and learn from their recommendations.
Increasing your profits doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to spend hours working away. Instead, focus on doing little tweaks like adding downsells and you’ll notice bigger profits in no time.

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