Turn Your Writing Skills into a Highly Lucrative Private Label Rights (PLR) Business

As a writer, there are many ways that you can earn a living. You can write information products on a topic and create a niche for yourself. You can write for others, a ghostwriter or blogger. You can also create private label rights content. Creating PLR may be the most lucrative way to make money as a writer.

What is PLR?

If you’re not familiar with PLR or private label rights, it’s when you license most or all the intellectual property rights to your content. For example, instead of writing a report for a client, you write a report and sell the rights to use that report however a person wants and you can sell it to several people, from 10-1000 or more.

People use PLR for their own business content. PLR can be anything from short blog posts to videos to books. Now, the fewer people you sell it to, the higher price you can charge. Additionally, depending on the rights that you sell with the content, you can increase the price. Imagine that you get commissioned as a ghostwriter to write a 10-page report. If you charge $50 per page that’s $500.

Now imagine that you write a PLR report and you sell that 10-page report for $100. The customer saves $400 by purchasing PLR and you only have to sell 5 of those reports to make the same income. If you sell 10 or 20 now you’re earning $2000 on one report. And of course, you can write much more than one report.

How you choose to grow and expand your business is entirely up to you. You can be as big or as small as you want. Identify your long-term goals, what you want your business to look like in five years, and start planning.

How Do You Sell PLR?

When you set your business up to sell PLR you’re now a retailer. You’re selling a product, which is quite different than selling your services as a ghost writer. You might think that selling PLR would be difficult. However, it’s actually a bit easier to sell products than services.

Establish yourself as a credible PLR resource – you can share free PLR that people can use or view as a sample of your work.

Tell buyers how to get the most return on their investment – educate your website visitors and buyers on how to use PLR to grow their business.

Focus on a niche. When you first get started, consider choosing a niche to write for. For example, if you love health and fitness you might write that type of PLR exclusively. Once you have a good catalog, you can add to it.

Partner with other PLR providers. You can also create partnerships with other PLR companies. For example, a health and fitness PLR company might partner with a healthy eating PLR company to create unique content bundles.

What to Do Next: Get Training and Support Directly from Alice for Your PLR Business

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Content Cash Flow

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