Top Tips from Smart Online Publishers

What a fantastic first day at the Best Sellers Summit. We hope you’ll be able to join us for Day 2. You can still get a discounted ticket here, if you hurry.
But the reason we’re writing is to share some of the key takeaways from today. We had four amazing experts, each who shared incredible wisdom.
Here are a few things we took away from the day…
Marketing goes on “forever or until you die” – EEK!
Now that’s not to scare you, especially if you loathe marketing. What it means is that you should always be maximizing the books, the courses and the content you put out there. Just because you have a book or product launch, doesn’t mean you can’t keep that income rolling in the months and years to come.
It also means that even if you don’t hit it out of the park right off the bat, you have plenty of opportunities to turn it into something bigger over time. So never think that once it’s out there, that’s all there is. When you create books and products, you have valuable assets that can be a long term income for you.
Be enthusiastic about your work, if you want others to be. 
Not every publisher is going to be interested and not every potential customer is going to buy, but if you aren’t enthusiastic about you work…no one else will be.
That’s sometimes easier said than done, but work at that confidence and realize that there is someone out there who needs your message. And keep sharing that message because you never know who you’ll reach and what an impact you can make.
Sell what people are already selling because if people aren’t searching for it, you can’t sell it.
This is a tough one for people to grasp sometimes. We all want to do something unique, something that hasn’t been seen before. But there are so many information sellers online already…if they aren’t selling something related to what you want to offer, it’s probably because people aren’t looking for it.
Instead, find what people are looking for and find a unique way to fulfill that need.
The selling begins as you create. 
If you’re writing a book outline or planning a product, start working on the sales page at the same time. If you put yourself into the mindset of selling your content, you’ll come up just the right features and benefits to what you’re offering that will make the best product possible.
Don’t worry about headlines or anything like that to start with. Just start fleshing out what you know people will want to buy and proceed to create it.
That’s obviously just scratching the surface because there was so much covered today, but we’ve got to get back to work, so we’re ready for tomorrow. Here’s a peek at tomorrow’s schedule:
12 PM Eastern – Jay Boyer: Best-Selling Children’s Book
1 PM Eastern – Kristen Joy: Book Series Profits
2 PM Eastern – Matt Bacak: 6-Step Best-Selling Formula (Case Study)
3 PM Eastern – Ben Adkins: Better Facebook Ads
Hope to see you tomorrow!