Day 2 Best Sellers Summit – Key Takeaways

Another great day at Best Sellers Summit. We talked children’s books, books series, a #1 best selling book case study and creating book promos through Facebook. Our heads are filled with so many great ideas too!

We hope you’ll be able to join us for Day 3. You can still get a discounted ticket here, but only until tonight (Tuesday) at 11:59 PM Eastern.

But before that, we’ve got some great takeaways from today for you…

Simple, But Powerful Best-Selling Kid’s Book Ideas

Jay Boyer’s presentation was FULL of simple kid’s book ideas and he really showed us how easy it is to get into the niche. For example, there are plenty of joke books in the public domain. Pick a theme, add some illustrations (there are a lot of affordable artists on Fiverr) and you’re ready to launch.

It’s perfect for an adult to run with, but personally we think our kids could easily do this too.

The Secret Power of Short Books

Kristen Joy talked to us about profiting from a book series.  Now, creating a series of books can sound daunting, but the good news is you can keep things short and simple. People want quick solutions. Plus, when you keep your book short and to the point, there are many more opportunities to expand the topic and create a profitable series.

Think one problem…one solution. Then expand from there.

It’s Not Really a BOOK Launch

Matt Bacak shared a complete case study of how he got to be the #1 book on Amazon in 9 hours. There was lots of great and specific strategy in his presentation, but the key thing we’re taking away is to treat your book launch like a product launch.

YOU run the launch and you don’t just rely on your Amazon pages, but the end destination is Amazon, so you build up your best selling status there. By making a book promotion page on your website, you can direct your customers to buy the book on Amazon, but also opt-in to get valuable extras.

Make it Personal

Ben Adkins walked us through a complete system of creating a Facebook promotion for your books. He simplified it all and included concrete action steps, but one thing he focused on was making things personal. Instead of using a corporate or official looking page, make it look more like a personal profile with a person’s name.

Ads that appear from a more personal account are more likely to be read than something that simply looks like an ad from a company. Brilliant!

That’s obviously just scratching the surface because there was so much covered today, but we’ve got to get back to work, so we’re ready for tomorrow. Here’s a peek at tomorrow’s schedule:

12 PM Eastern – Ty Cohen: Amazon Empire
1 PM Eastern – Nicole Dean: Profits Beyond Your Book
2 PM Eastern – Temper Thompson: Increase Amazon Book Sales
3 PM Eastern – Brad Gosse: Top 40 on Amazon (Case Study)

Click here if you’d like to join us.

Hope to see you tomorrow!