Why Building Online Relationship Are Important for Your Business

Kelly McCausey Interview

Here at Elite Writer’s Lab, we often stress just how important building relationships and networking is to make it as a writer and online business owner. We recently interviewed Kelly McCausey of Love People, Make Money as she is an amazing example of how focusing on creating partnerships, connecting others and building a community comes back to you tenfold.

In this interview excerpt, Kelly shares how her relationship with Alice helped shape her business and helped her grow.

From Kelly…

“I can’t even imagine what my life might look like today if I hadn’t met you back in 2002. If you hadn’t encouraged me to start my internet radio show, if you hadn’t invited me to partner with you on launching my masterminds, I just don’t know if I would have had the guts to do so many of the things that I did then and that I do now. So you know what if that relationship hadn’t existed?”

Key Take Aways:

* Working in Isolation Stunts your Progress: When you are open and actively try to meet other fellow online businesses, new opportunities and learning experiences come to you. Working online can feel lonely and relationships take time to build, but it’s so worth it.

* With Friendship, Comes Accountability: As Kelly described her friendship with Alice, you can see that Alice encouraged her to do something new with her business and through their relationship, Kelly found the courage to see that goal all the way through.

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