How to Boost Your Income from Content You’ve ALREADY Created

Make More Money with Content You've Already Created

If you’ve already created courses, reports, blog posts or just about any type of content…have you ever considered boosting your income by licensing that content? Many people will pay you for the rights to publish their content as their own. In other words, they’ll pay you for private label rights, which means they can edit the content, brand it and monetize it for their own business purposes.

Here’s a little excerpt from Alice’s Best Sellers Summit presentation that talks about this idea. Just listen below or read the notes that follow…AND be sure to keep reading as Alice has offered extra tips after the transcripts. 

Here’s a transcript of the above video…

So, this is an idea for people who may have content already out there, and the question is, can you sell PLR rights to the content you’ve already created?

So say you have a course or something or you have content you’ve written, whether you’ve published it and sold it or not, but it’s something you might want to offer PLR rights to. It’s a great way to break into the PLR market.

For me, when I sell PLR rights to content that I’ve personally created or a course that I’ve made and I can say that “it’s proven to sell, I’ve sold it, now you could take over and run with it,” then my customers absolutely love that.

I’ve repackaged blog posts and things that I’ve made and I’ve called it “premium content” because, again, it’s content that I’ve personally created and they’ll know that it’s good stuff. Of course, it’s good stuff. It is a great — even if you don’t want to be in the PLR business, it’s a possibility of increasing your income that way.

You guys will notice that on the Best Sellers Summit, when you signed up, you could sign up just to be an attendee and you get the recordings. Then we had the Premium package and then we had the Resell and Branding Rights package, which is essentially PLR.

It’s a little bit different just because of the presentations by the speakers, but it was the same thing. We offered it right on the same sales page for people, and in our market, that makes sense.

If you’re doing scrapbooking or something like that, you probably don’t want to be selling personal use and PLR in the exact same sales page because your customers are going to be like, “What the heck is that?” But it’s a possibility to do it separately, you know, sell it as PLR separately, or sometimes on the same sales page.

So, it’s definitely something to think about, especially if there’s content that you’ve got and you haven’t even published it yet. There’s a possibility for it. I know a lot of people — I don’t know why people sit on content that they’ve created and they haven’t done anything, but there’s an idea for you.

Not in the Video: How to Repackage Content for PLR Buyers

This actually isn’t in the video, but it might be useful for you to know how to take your existing content and make it useful to a PLR buyer.

Here are a few pointers:

    • Check the content is still accurate and update anything that needs updating.
  • Remove any personal stories or information that applies directly to you. Alice usually gets her virtual assistant to do this and to check on any updates that might be required.
    • If there is information your customer needs to add to the content, highlight it as clearly as possible. For example, if they need to link to another document or link for the course, highlight it in red or yellow, so they can clearly see they need to take action on that part of the content.
  • Make the files you give them as simple as possible. In other words, make it easy for them to download content and go. That means putting blog posts into text files, for example. Or if you’ve created a complicated course, arrange it into files and order everything so it makes sense and is easy for your customer to use.

Just keep in mind that you’re selling this for someone else to publish content from, rather than consume or take action on your content, so their objective is quite different from someone who buys your course or reads your content.

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