PLR Business Tip: Small vs. Large Launches

In the last year, Tracy and Susanne ventured into the private label rights, or PLR, business after taking our Content Cash Flow Course. They have done some pretty amazing things with it and created a 6-figure business with what they learned. In this interview excerpt, they talked about small vs. large PLR product launches.

This is useful information for you if you’re thinking about starting a PLR business, but you’re holding back because you think you need a massive package with all kinds of upsells and downsells to get started. This might change your thinking…

From Tracy and Susanne:

Pretty much from the beginning, we launched one of those small packs. In the beginning, it was every two weeks, but then we quickly graduated to every week instead of spending a month or two on creating a big pack and then you don’t know what sells and what doesn’t. All those little packs quickly add up.

They help you very quickly determine what your market wants and which niches and topics work well for you and which don’t. It also gives you a chance to try some off-the-wall ideas. I had a thought one day: “Why don’t we do a pack on bone broth?” Tracy was like, “You’re crazy. Who would buy that? What is that in the first place?”

We tried it and it ended up being one of our best-selling packs during that quarter. You would never take those chances with a big, huge pack that you have to invest a lot of time or a lot of money hiring the writers.

Some people love the big product launch models. We tried it as well and it was just stressing us out. We didn’t like it, so we’re not going to do that. Now that I’ve said that out loud, we’re probably going to do big product launches in the next month.

Big Picture Thoughts from Alice:

Now certainly we have preference coming into play here, but it just goes to show you that you do not need to massive launches to get in the game. Ultimately, if you can work up to doing large launches and get a lot of affiliates on board with you, you WILL make more money…but it clearly isn’t necessary.

And the best part is, if you get your PLR business up and running quickly and start selling small products, soon enough you’ll have a large library of content that could be bundled up into a larger launch. You’ll also have made some money that you can invest into that launch with advertising, affiliate prizes and anything else you need to make it a success.

Moral of the Story: It’s easy to start making money from your content and quickly.

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