15 Careers for People Who Love to Write

If you want to become a writer, you’re in luck because there are many lucrative careers that anyone who loves to write can do. Let’s get right into the 15 best careers for those who love to write. You never know which one is right for you.

  1. Grant Writer – There are many laws in place about how grant writers can make money, so make sure you educate yourself, but in general, writing grants requires basic writing skills, organizational skills, and the ability to follow directions. In addition, it’s possible to earn $48K a year and more, according to Glassdoor.com.
  2. Niche Blogger – If you are knowledgeable about a particular topic that you love, you can start a niche blog for others who are interested. A niche blogger simply needs to write and publish about their topic regularly while marketing the content to an audience that wants the information. You’ll earn money via ads or products and services you create or recommend.
  3. Social Media Manager – A social media manager needs the ability to write well on the fly to create blurbs, answer questions, and build rapport and community with the audience.
  4. Copywriter – Copywriting is a very specific skill in persuasive writing techniques explicitly used in sales or promotions. You can make more than a grand for an online sales page if you know what you’re doing.
  5. Technical Writer – Do you have a talent for explaining how to do something, build something, or work something? If you’re good at writing easy-to-understand instructions, how-to guides, and backing up your sources, technical writing can provide you a great living, starting at about 50K a year in the USA.
  6. Author – You can also use your talents to write your own books, whether fiction or nonfiction. You can be traditional and find a publisher or you can self-publish fast and make great money right on Amazon.
  7. Teacher – All teachers, no matter what subject they teach, need writing skills. Even if you’re not a trained, certified teacher, you can create courses on subjects you have expertise on and self-publish using software like Teachable.com.
  8. Historian – Do you like history? Can you write? If so, combine your two loves to become a historian. You’ll spend your days studying and writing about the past and the present and how it’s related.
  9. Newspaper Columnist – Today, you might work for yourself or a company supplying articles on news and newsworthy events based on what’s needed. Some columnists focus on one topic like economics, education, or other topics, but others focus on being a generalist and can write about any assigned topic.
  10. Content Writer – Since so much content is needed to keep customers informed and their needs met, there is a great need for high-quality content writers. Companies hire content writers to help them create and publish assigned content based on goals. You can make from $20 per hour and up working as a content writer.
  11. Editor – All content needs to be edited, whether it’s a book of fiction or an English assignment for your fourth graders. That’s where editors come in. Everyone needs one because you can’t edit your own work as well.
  12. Magazine Writer – Like a newspaper columnist, a magazine writer develops, writes, and creates content for magazines based on their interests. Some magazine writers are subject matter experts. For example, if you’re also a pediatric nurse, you can easily write for publications in that genre.
  13. Journalist – You’ll research, write, edit, and proofread your own news stories and possibly your colleagues to ensure the highest quality reporting goes out about what is happening right now.
  14. Food or Travel Writer – You can do this writing job on your own as an independent contractor. To get started on your build a blog and start traveling, eating, and writing about it. You’ll need to take great pictures, in addition to provide mouth-watering detail about the food to succeed.
  15. Speech Writer – If you’re good at writing how people talk, you will make a great speechwriter. Knowing how to write in a concise, memorable, and persuasive way is beneficial for speechwriters.

Do you think any of these writing career ideas are for you? If you love writing, you can earn a full time living doing it if you set your mind to it. Today, the thing that makes this even more exciting is that due to technology and high-speed internet, for the most part, you can also work from the comfort of your home in any of these career ideas for writers.


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