How To Jump-Start Your Writing Career

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The first step to starting a writing career is to get started. Don’t just talk about it and think about it. Do it. 

Most people claim they want to be writers. They dream about writing a book and perhaps turning it into a screenplay. They dream of helping million-dollar companies create their sales pages and other content.  They dream of providing content to their audience and/or clients. No matter the writing dream it’s possible, if you just get started.

Let’s talk about a few ways to kick off this dream of yours.

  • Start Now – Do not wait. Start on something today that matters. If it helps put into a calendar everything that you need to do to launch your writing career and work on those things every day so that there is an ending and a launch date. You don’t want to leave this open-ended because if you do, you won’t launch.
  • Write Every Day – As you are working on building the business, you also want to take the time to write daily. Write blog posts, write guest blog posts, write social media updates, write a Kindle book, write an eBook, write a sample white paper, whatever you want to write for your clients write for yourself and your business to promote it.
  • Self-Publish – You’ll want to publish in your own name to get freelance writing jobs that don’t carry a byline or that do carry a byline. Showing work that you’ve published under your own name is going to help you get hired by other people. Publish to Kindle, to your blog, to other people’s blogs, to industry magazines and more.
  • Set Up Your Systems & Processes – While you’re getting started, you’ll want to work on setting up all your processes and systems and documenting all the above. When you get your first client, you want to send them a contract and lead them through the onboarding process seamlessly.
  • Publish a Professional Website – You need a website despite what anyone else says that you need. Thankfully, building a website is very inexpensive. Use self-hosted WordPress and a free theme to get started. Include an area with links to your work, and uploaded samples, include an email list with an offer of a freebie of some kind and a landing page for each type of writing with an example.
  • Perfect Your Profile – is a great place to get links back to your website so fully fill out that profile including samples, links to your work, and more. Join groups that include people you’d like to work with.
  • Set Up Social Media for Your Business – While most people want to keep their business and personal social media private or separate sometimes it’s not easy to do. That is especially true with Facebook. Whatever you decide all profiles should mention that you’re a freelance writer for hire so that people who check you out can get ahold of you.
  • Read All Requests for Proposals – Find places that offer proposals for freelance writing work. Today, you can find those on any job board including Plus, of course, you can list via,, and others. Also, join groups that feature writers if they have a job board. One good one to look at is
  • Always Be Marketing – Even as you’re working on getting your freelance writing career off the ground, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t skimp on marketing. The moment you finish your website and have a few samples you should start marketing your services to those who need them.

Jump start your writing career right now by working on something mentioned in this list. The key thing to remember about being a writer is that writer’s write. That’s your most important job. Keep learning about writing in the genre you want to write and implement everything you learn as fast as possible.

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