Mistake #3 (the most importance piece)

As promised, we’ve got content marketing mistake #3 here for you. If you missed any of the past two days, our online archives are here.

Today, we promised to talk about getting your visitor’s attention, keeping it AND get them to take action on your offers. This is a BIG one. So here we go…

Mistake #3: Not Using Conversion Techniques in Your Free Content

Here’s the thing. You’ve probably heard of copywriting and you probably know some techniques and use them when you create your sales pages, book pages, etc. But if you’re not also applying those techniques to your content writing, you’re really missing out on persuasion power that content can have.

Whether you’re trying to convince your audience that your point of view is correct…or if you want them to sign up for a webinar…or even if you want them to buy a product, you should be employing persuasion techniques.

Now that’s a huge topic in and of itself, but here’s a quick guide you can download (PDF) to get you started.

We hope you find it helpful.

This is Part 1 of a 5-part series on creating content that gets RESULTS for you.
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