What To Do When The Words Don’t Flow

How to Make Your Writing Flow

How to Make Your Writing FlowMost of the time the reason you cannot get the words to flow is that you don’t know enough about the topic, you’re not sure of the direction of the work, or because you are distracted by something else. You can mitigate these issues with practice and by not accepting the idea that anything like “writer’s block” exists. These tricks will help most anyone who really wants to be a freelance writer.

Do More Research

If you’re not sure what to write it more than likely means that you need to do more research either on the topic you’re writing or on what your client expects from you as a deliverable. If you don’t have these things clear in your mind, it’s going to be hard to write. Writing quickly requires that you’ve done enough research to have enough knowledge to put something down on paper accurately.

Make In-depth Outlines

Many people calm to hate the outline, but the thing is, your writing will be better with a proper outline. Outlines do take time but when you do them the writing part is not going to take as long because it’s thought out so well. Also, with a good outline, you can stop and catch up later more easily.

Eliminate Distractions

Create a place for writing that is conducive to writing. The room should have the right temperature, the right seating, and the right ambiance. You should not have noises taking you out of flow like dogs barking, kids screaming, or notifications beeping.

Try a New Environment

If you do have a good place, but you’re still unable to focus, try changing your environment. You may want to just get out with a recorder of some kind and record your thoughts in voice while you’re out or you may want to take your laptop to the park. Now, this is kind of going against the other advice but for some people writing in a new place works.

Go for a Walk

Sometimes you just need to get moving. Of course, take your recording device with you in case you get some ideas. Walking fast and working up a sweat can distract you from anything that is causing you not to be able to write today. This is especially true for anyone who has anxiety because anxiety is just extra energy that needs to be released.

Just Write Whatever Comes to Mind

Another method that works for some writers is to free write. This means you just write whatever comes to mind without giving it much thought even if it’s not about your project right now. Sometimes just getting in the right mood helps. You can write in your diary, work on another outline, or free write about the topic you’ve learned about and edit later. In fact, you should never edit during the writing process, only after.

Take a Music Break

This comes with a warning. If you listen to music with words in it, it can distract you more. Listening to instrumentals is better especially if it doesn’t have too much base. Classical music is very energizing and good for your brain. The idea is to get different parts of your brain active but not distracted.

Get Some Sustenance

If you haven’t eaten enough today make sure you do. Don’t sit down in the future to write until you’ve eaten, brushed your teeth, go to the toilet and so forth so that nothing gets in your way. Eating the right food can give you a lot of energy and brain power. The brain loves glucose but likes it mostly in the form of fruit and veggies rather than sugary candy and other concoctions. Plus, add some protein to make it balanced.

Remember, doctor’s do not get “doctor block,” and as a writer, this is what you do. The action that makes you a writer is that you write. What will make you a profitable writer is the ability to write on demand whenever you sit down to write. You can do that by setting up a comfortable place to write and remembering to do enough research.


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