Locating & Landing Advanced Writing Projects – Tips for Freelancers

Locating freelance projects

One way to make more money is to work on intermediate and advanced writing projects. These types of projects often earn more money due to specialization and knowledge. You can find intermediate and advanced work online and offline. But if you want to land these projects, you need to be prepared.

Create a Portfolio – To get advanced jobs you’re going to need some examples of your work that carries your byline. If you’re a ghostwriter, this can be tricky. You’re not going to get clients to agree to let you use what you wrote. Therefore, you need to create content for your portfolio to show the examples. You can do this by publishing on Medium.com, guest posting, and publishing your own work.

Improve Your Online Presence – Your website and your social platforms liked LinkedIn need to be improved and updated. Higher-end clients will check your site out and your process. They want to feel like they are working with an expert. If your website is not professional, and your online presence is sparse or poorly branded, and your onboarding process is lacking you won’t get the higher paying projects.

Be Confident in Your Skills – Confidence is something that comes with experience. When you have the experience of doing good work that gets recognition and praises your confidence will build. Until then you may need to think positively as you practice your craft and act as if you do have the confidence already by using the language of confidence. “I will” instead of, “I think.”

Join Writer Organizations – When you join an organization for writers, especially if you find one that is within your niche, you will see calls for proposals usually in the back of the magazine. Additionally, some publications accept unsolicited work and the writer organization can help you find them.

Pitch Every Day – When you find opportunities don’t put off pitching. You need to pitch ideas at least once a day to get hired for enough work to ensure your income. You’re going to get more noes than yeses.

Be Patient – You will get more noes than yeses. Because of this, it’s imperative that you stay patient and don’t let it bother you. If you’re working on perfecting your portfolio and your pitches, you will land an intermediate or advanced writing project eventually.

Find the Right Clients – If you want to work on intermediate to advanced writing projects more, you may need to change your ideal client. Your ideal client may be a multiple six-figure personality or coach instead of a mommy blogger who has a smaller budget.

Know where to look for clients and projects that are more advanced. That may be through publications, or it might be by changing your ideal client profile to match better the type of writing you want o do. As you build your network and get known more online and offline and you continue pitching and marketing every day, you will succeed.

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