How Your Writing Skills Help Others

How to Write with Authority

If you’re a writer, you have a skill that many people only dream of having. You can use that skill to affect change in so many ways from writing letters to the editor, to writing grants, to simply making your client’s lives easier writing is a wonderful career full of opportunities to help or change others.

Save Your Clients Time

While your writing gives your clients a lot more than just time, the time is what they’re going to notice the most at first. Most people who hire writers aren’t writers themselves, so it takes them a lot longer to get the work done. As a writer, you’ll save them time so that they can come up with other ideas and focus on the parts of their business that they do well.

Persuade them to Be Better

When you are good at persuasive writing, which most online writing is, you’ll be able to persuade people to do all sorts of things from buying that new dress, to getting on a healthy diet, to joining that non-profit fundraiser. It’s an awesome skill to have.

Help a Non-Profit Succeed

Volunteering can be hectic for people who have full-time jobs. As a freelance writer, while you do have to write a few hours a day, you don’t write 8 hours a day or 10 hours a day like you would have to in a job. That means you have time to devote to causes you care about. By volunteering your writing skills to create newspapers, fundraising info and so forth, you will not only give them something invaluable you may also make more connections with people who will pay you for your writing skills.

Help Them Choose Something

Sometimes writing is simple and designed to help them choose between a couple things. For example, if you’re choosing between two books about the same topic what makes you decide? Knowing that will help you get better at that type of writing but helping someone make a choice is a gift.

Special Memories for Your Family & Friends

You can also use your writing skills, assuming you are skilled creativity, to make special memories for your family. If you’re a songwriter, write them a song. You can also just write a beautiful letter as a gift. You may also volunteer your writing for any deaths in the family.

Teach Your Kids to Write Better

Since you can write, you’ll be able to teach your kids to write better. This is going to be a big advantage to them when it comes to the writing they do in school. You can even volunteer at your local library helping other children write too.

Increase Your Client’s Income

If you write a profitable sales page the amount your clients can earn depending on their product is unlimited. If the product is half as good as they say it is, and you can write sales pages that convert your page might make your client 200K in 48 hours after launch. Won’t that feel great?

Promote a Cause You Care About

If you care about an issue, you can write about it. Post on, or your local newspaper in letters to the editor, or you can even write about those things and post them on other sites, blogs, and so forth.

Using your writing skills to help your clients, your family, friends and you are all reasons to become a freelance writer if you have the skills. Writing is about so much more than just the product. It’s about the results the product produces for the user. When you realize that you realize the possibilities of contributing to society using your writing skills are endless.


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