Elon Bomani - Selling on Amazon

Elon Bomani is also known as the Pajama Mama and she loves to work in her PJs, while unschooling her two boys. She started her business as a single mom with $36 in her chequing account, but that changed quickly for her.

Elon is a book author, turned Amazon FBA seller. FBA stands for "Fulfilled by Amazon" and is a way to sell physical products on Amazon, but Amazon does all the shipping for you. You just put up your listing, send a box of goods to Amazon and then they take care of the rest. Elon shared her tips for selling on Amazon, getting the kids involved and more.

5:30: Two Things Everyone Needs to Make It Big. Internet marketing and having a website, selling products and services from it led Elon to landing interviews on TV shows such as Oprah, in magazines and more. She says everyone needs a book and a website in order to make it big in business.

7:45: Finding Time to Write a Book. In order to find time to write while raising kids, working on other business ventures, Elon woke up early every morning, around 3am, before the kids woke up and spent a few hours writing.

8:25: Follow The Trends. Whether she’s encouraging her clients or her kids to make money, her advice is to find what you like to do and figure out how to do it. If you do that, you’ll never work a day in your life.

For example, Pokémon Go is a hot item right now. Her oldest son is really into it. He has made a cheat sheet type book that they will be selling on Amazon FBA. So it will be a physical book that people buy and Amazon ships to them.

So you find what you enjoy doing and figure out how to make money from it online. You can also follow the trends. What’s hot right now? Jump on that bandwagon. The trend is your friend.

13:30: Starting with No Money. To get started on Amazon FBA with no money, look in your closets, garage, Goodwill and other places to find gently used items. Send them into Amazon to sell. For example, Elon’s son found a Star Wars game at Goodwill for just over $5. He sold it on Amazon FBA for over $100. They used the profits to buy more products and resold them at similar markups to generate even more income.

16:20: Finding Ideas & Meditation. You need good time management skills in order to balance, work, family and other obligations. Elon gets up early or goes to be late to get things done. She meditates to relieve stress and find focus. She says meditating for 15 minutes is like getting 8 hours of sleep.

Elon says all of her dreams, aspirations and ideas come through meditation. You’re only one thought away from the million-dollar idea and meditation is where her ideas come from. If you try meditating and find your mind won’t slow down, that’s okay. Just keep doing it. Eventually it will come. If you can only do it for 5 minutes a day to start with, that’s fine. If you fall asleep, that’s okay too. At first, it may just help balance your day. If you keep doing it, you will find that it becomes easier, you can do it longer, your mind will start slowing down so you can better focus.

19:25: Kid Entrepreneurship. Speaking of kids and entrepreneurship, if you’re children are not interested in your business, that’s okay. The key is to find what they are interested in, things they’d do for free, and figure out how they can earn money from it. Elon’s youngest son loves dogs. He wants a dog. He also loves Instagram. So he posts pictures of dogs on Instagram all the time. He would do this for free but now he also sells dog related items, training kits, collars and other accessories through affiliate links. The oldest did well selling a series of kindle books related to black history. The youngest has sold joke books. So they may not be interested in writing a book, like you or being a coach, but there may be other things they are interested in and can make money from.

22:00: Keeping Them Going. Since she also homeschools her kids, she feels every moment is a teachable moment. So when the kids lose focus or get discouraged, she gets them back on track by giving them an assignment related to what they’re doing to earn money. Some kids are natural entrepreneurs and others may need a bit more nudging.

23:30: Why Amazon FBA. While she is making money with Amazon Kindle books, Elon has chosen to shift her focus to Amazon FBA because FBA gives her a much higher return on investment. With Amazon FBA you don’t have to have a lot, or any, startup money, you don’t need special software and you don’t have to be techy. It’s really easy to get started.
With Amazon FBA, you’re working a combination of online and offline skills. You are working with physical products that you have or buy. Then you’re selling it online through Amazon. Having an Amazon FBA account costs $40 a month, but the first month is free and you should be able to generate a profit within the first week or so. So you’re buying low and selling high.

28:30: Buy Low, Sell High. You want to sell name brand items. You can buy them from anywhere; places like CVS, Walmart, Rite aid and Toys R Us. Buy them on clearance for 75% off retail price, sell them on Amazon for more and you’ve gained a profit. You can branch out from there into wholesaling, liquidations and closeouts. You can sell domestically and internationally. You can create your own ecommerce store to sell from just in case something happens with Amazon, you’ll still be in business.

30:00: Keyword Research. It’s vital to do your research to find your keywords. They make the difference between your products being found and not being found. Include those keywords in your titles and descriptions. With Amazon, they allow a little more keyword stuffing than other places.

Focus on trends, not only products but new names or words being used for items. Think about what terms people are using in search engines and on Amazon to find information about the product(s) you’re selling.

You can use the wording already provided by the product creators and others talking about it. Don’t plagiarize the material but use the wording strategically within your titles and descriptions.

33:10: Amazon Keywords. If you’re only selling on Amazon, focus specifically on Amazon’s keyword research. Don’t worry about research on Google or other search platforms, Buzzfeed or Facebook or Twitter Trends. Just focus on Amazon searches only – if you’re only selling on Amazon.

To do this, as you’re using the search bar on Amazon, if you slowly type in the product you want to sell, other keywords should popup. These are keywords and phrases that other people are using to search for the product or a similar product. Use the direct keyword and then abstract keywords. Take some of those and add it to your title and description.

36:15: Trends Vs. Everyday Products. You definitely want to follow the trends but you also want to focus some attention on evergreen products that people need such as soaps and makeup, the household staples. Research to find what products people are buying, not necessarily what you want but what others want that are popular. Health, beauty, toys are good items. Holiday items sell year-round.

40:15: Getting The Initial Push. Since fake reviews caused Amazon to change things and people are leerier of them now, Elon focuses on Amazon FBA ads, YouTube ads and things of that nature. She tests the market first with old fashion methods to see if the product is trending and selling before investing in advertising. If it is, then she’ll purchase advertising.

She also gives things away. If the product only cost her a dollar, she’ll give 100 of them away to help build buzz. She targets moms on places like Facebook. Mom’s talk and spread the word to everyone they meet. She’ll give them a product in exchange for an honest review.

5 star ratings & lots of honest reviews is what will make a product on Amazon successful.

43:10: Encourage Paying Customer to Leave a Review. You want to try to get them on your email list. You can give them coupons for their next product. For one product, Elon created a how to video to teach people how to make a certain product. On the page with the video, she had a popup for her mailing list. If they signed up, she gave them a coupon for their next purchase. The goal is to build your mailing list away from Amazon so you can continue to sell to them other products and services.


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