How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

Facebook Page Templates

We all want to get more likes on our Facebook Page. With a bigger platform, this gives you access to a bigger list of potential customers and clients. But how do you go about getting those followers?

Try a few of these suggestions….

Invite Friends to Your Page

If you haven’t already, send out Facebook invites, asking your friend to like your business page. While you can ask everyone in your friends list to click “like,” most of them aren’t going to.

You’ll get more likes if you focus on inviting only the friends that might genuinely find your page interesting. For example, if you run a dog grooming business, invite your friends from the local dog park to hit ‘like.’ But those ladies from your quilting club? They probably don’t care about your page and won’t enjoy the content.

Add Your Page to Your Profile

When someone wants to learn more about you, make it easy for them to learn about your business, too. All you need to do is add your page in the work section. For example, you might say: “Chief Content Creator at Marketing Wizards LLC.” Make sure your page title is linked.

Briefly (in 1-2 sentences) share what you do for your blog or brand. You could say something simple like: “I manage the creation and scheduling of blog posts and social media content.”

Include It in Your Signature

Your signature is a great place to advertise your Facebook page. You can add a signature to your email through Hubspot’s Email Signature Generator or WiseStamp. Then just select the Facebook icon and link it to your page.

Promote Your Fan Page on Your Blog

One simple way to grow your following is to add your fan page to your blog or website. Then when new visitors arrive, they can see all your recent page updates and they can even like your page without leaving your site.

Put a “PS” in Your Autoresponder Series

Use your autoresponder series to tell new subscribers about your Facebook fan page. At the end of each message, include a simple “PS” section. You could say: “PS: Liked this message? Follow me on my Facebook Page!”

Facebook Ads Showcase Your Page

While you may want to be weary of advertising your Facebook Page directly in a Facebook Ad as it can be quite expensive, do note that when you advertise your other offers, your Page is featured in those ads.

So the more you advertise, the more exposure your page will get and your follower list will grow naturally.

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