How to Get Top Reviewers to Review Your Book on Amazon

Hey, here’s a cool tip from the Best Sellers Summit today.

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Now about that tip…
Did You Know You Can Get Top Reviewers to Review Your Amazon Book?

According to the Amazon Community Guidelines, “Book authors and publishers may continue to provide free or discounted copies of their books to readers, as long as the author or publisher does not require a review in exchange or attempt to influence the review.”

You can use this to your advantage, as Ty Cohen pointed out to us today. You can actually find a list of top reviewers and even contact them here through Amazon’s Top Reviewers list. Many reviewers include a way to contact them because they are looking for products to review.

Ty also shared a typical email he sends to offer a review copy. We even stole a screenshot for ya. Shhhh. 😉


If you notice, it’s a friendly message that shares the fact the book was already sent and acknowledges them for their expertise. Brilliant!

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