How to Sell Easy to Create Journals for Big Profits (Part 2 – How to Make Your Journals)

If you missed part 1 of this tutorial, you can find it here. It will show you what kinds of journals you can make.

Now let’s talk about how to make your journals…

Since journals are such hot sellers, it’s important to figure out how to create them so that you can get started making money. Creating your journal is the first step toward making big profits. Don’t worry it’s not hard to do. You can get started using the software you already have or you can use software that is easily accessible online.

Software to Use

You don’t have to go out and buy expensive software to create a beautifully designed journal. You can use what you already have on your computer such Word, Pages (MAC), and MS Publisher. But there are also other options out there.

• – This online graphic design software has templates that you can use to create your journal. You can import fonts, images, and use web colors to match your branding to make your journal look like yours.

• Adobe InDesign – This is for people who know something about graphic design. If you are a member of Adobe Creative Cloud you may have access to this software already along with many templates that can help you get started fast on your journal design.

Make My Note Book – This online program lets you design and create your note book according to their standards but using a custom design you can get exactly what you want. They will print it and you can order wholesale if you order enough quantity.

Journals Software Tool – This software works with software you already have on your computer to help you create journals fast. In fact, they claim you can create a many page journal in only 3 minutes using their software set up in many different sizes. You also get training included.

Blurb – This is a great place to create amazing journals and get them listed on bookstore sites like Amazon. You can use their free software called BookWrite or you can use InDesign with their plugin. If you have images you’d like to use instead, you can do that too. Of course, you can also upload your PDF using their platform.

To be clear, if you know how to use any of the software mentioned you can totally design your own book. But, know what format you need it in to upload to the printer you’re going to use. If you’re using any print on demand (POD) solutions check them out thoroughly so you can be sure that the way you’re designing them will translate properly and look great when printed.

Tips for Making Your Journal Attractive

Outside of ensuring that the journal you create is perfect for your audience, you need to make it look attractive. The best way to accomplish that is to remember that less is more. You don’t need much on each page to make your journal. In fact, you can technically have the same exact thing on each page of the journal you create.

• Understand Color – The colors you use are important because they’ll give your audience a certain feeling. Learn about the psychology of color which will help you choose the right colors to help you lead your audience in the direction you want them to go for their journal.

• Understand Layout – Know that the size you’re making your journal is correct for your audience and for the POD platform. That way every line shows up looking correct and prints out perfectly. Read the instructions on your choice of POD before even getting started to avoid issues, especially if someone is making your graphics.

• Use the Right Images – Don’t cheap out on the images you choose to put into your print journal. First, ensure that you pay for the legal right to use the image commercially, then make sure you use the sizes and resolution required for printing which should be listed on the POD company you chose.

• Less is More – Don’t get overly concerned about empty pages. It’s a journal. It needs space to write the information down in. Also, don’t feel as if every single page must have a quote on it or art work on it. The important thing is that the cover, design, and purpose of your journal is clear so that your buyer knows how to use it.

Remember to keep it simple, use what you know, and ensure that your design matches your audience’s needs and wants. You’ll be amazed at how well the right journal can sell to your audience and even bring in new audience members.

Getting Your Journal Printed

This is really the easiest part. After you’ve decided on your design or angle then you’re going to want to get it printed. As mentioned before you should choose your POD company first before creating your journal so that you know how to format it correctly. You’ll also need to know the size each page should be, where and if there is a bleed area, and the sizes of images and how to format them correctly for printing. When you know that information before you design the journal everything will work out a lot better.

When it comes to POD you have a lot of choices today. You can go through Create Space & Amazon,,,,, and many other options. You can order via a wholesale POD company like, or a printer like Vista Print even. Whether you let Amazon print it or you print it, you can still let Amazon sell it. Amazon has an option for any seller of almost anything to sell on Amazon as a Pro seller.

There are many ways you can get your journal printed and start selling. It depends on what type of cover you want, the size of the book, and whether you’re willing to give up some features over ease. For example, printing with Create Space gives you fewer options than if you used a company like, or if you just printed it wholesale with a company like which also does POD. But, it makes the entire process smooth since it’s already integrated with Amazon which is the best place to sell these types of journals.

It really is as easy as all this. Simply pick a topic, use the software that works best for you, (ensuring that creates the right type of file for your POD choice) and make it look amazing by choosing images and layouts that go well together and make your audience really want to buy that journal.

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