Smart Strategies – Ever Wanted to Sell from a webinar?

September_AllHere’s a new marketing topic for you today…and of course, we’ve got some templates to make it easier to implement these strategies. And again, whether you use our templates or not, these strategies will get you places.

Today’s topic is selling products from a webinar.

Webinars a very popular online marketing strategy for selling high-ticket products. They’re an effective tool for getting a highly engaged audience that is interested in your information and your pitch…if you do it right. That’s what this month’s template package is all about – helping you with creating your sign up page, your presentation, your pitch and more.

A Few Tips for Successful Webinars

#1: A Well-Defined Product: Your webinar content needs to naturally flow to the sale of a product or service. So, before you can create the webinar content, it’s a good idea to define the product or service you’re going to pitch.

The key to providing more engaging, interactive webinars is to allow attendees to “personalize” their user experience. From within the webcast, viewers should be able to open and close information panels, access social media, respond to polls/surveys, view complementary resources, and network.

#2: More Audience Interaction Means More Sales: It’s easy to create a webinar with content that solves a problem and leads to a solution, which you then make available to your audience for purchase. However, if content is all one sided, you’ll have participants that start multi-tasking and not paying attention. You can lose them. Webinars needs to provide interactive features to keep your viewers’ attention and discourage them from leaving or losing attention.

#3: Be Transparent: Your audience expects that you’re going to pitch a product or service. Don’t try to hide that. Be completely transparent and embrace your pitch. It shouldn’t be a hard sell but you’re probably giving them a special promotional offer and you’re proud of your product or service so pitch with pride.

#4: Leverage a Solid Webinar Structure: Generally, people front-load their webinar. They talk and then at the end they pitch. Instead, consider this format:

• Position the heaviest, most valuable, content up font to get people engaged right away and for those who have limited time to spend with you.

• Add mini-pitches throughout. Find a few spots in the middle where you can gently pitch to attendees. Again, this helps you grab people if they have to leave early and it may get some sales rolling in before the end of the webinar.

• Make your big offer at the end. It’s okay to be direct with your call to action. As mentioned, your attendees are expecting it and if your content has done its job, then they are looking for it.

Make it easier to conduct your webinars and sell those products with our Webinar Template Package that includes:

  • Insider’s Webinar Marketing Strategy Guide
  • Webinar Planning Checklist
  • Webinar Sign Up Page Template and Sample
  • Webinar Thank You Page Template and Sample
  • Detailed Webinar Outline
  • Webinar Slide Show Template
  • Affiliate Recruitment Email
  • 5-Part Promotional Email Series
  • 5-Part Follow Up Email Series

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You can use these templates for your own webinars are select developer or resell rights to use the templates for your clients or to sell them. The choice is yours!