Reboot Your Book: How to Get Kindle Books Selling Again

Get Over Shiny Object Syndrome

In this interview snippet, Ty Cohen, gives advice on what to do with Kindle books that have already been published and sales start to dwindle. These tricks are what helped one of Ty’s students sell 3oo+ copies of a 3 year old book in one month.

If books stop selling or the sales taper off, you can pay more attention to the books you already published. One of Ty’s students sold over 300 copies of a single book he published a while ago, just paying more attention to it. He published the book 3 years ago, but it was his first month hitting the 300 sales mark.

Some tips Ty shared:

  • Run cheap Facebook Ads
  • Make new covers
  • Update descriptions, keywords, etc.

Watch the video for the full details, especially about the Facebook Ad tip.

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