How to Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Get Over Shiny Object Syndrome

As an author or content publisher, it’s easy to get distracted with other ideas, projects and just about anything. Our friend, Ty Cohen, has been extremely successful because he maintains his focus and isn’t distracted by shiny object syndrome.

Here is his advice for maintaining that focus.

When Ty first started, he confessed to being “all over the place” and being a victim of shiny object syndrome. After being constantly distracted by emails, webinars and everything else, Ty decided to develop his own personal slogan of “Stay Focused” and things began to change.

He shared that slogan everywhere…social media, etc. He said that many people thought he was saying it to inspire them as his audience…which he was…but it was also very much a reminder for him.

The power of affirmations at work!

He also unsubscribed from all those email lists and other things that were distracting, so he could STAY FOCUSED!

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